Scandinavian Home With A Double-Duty Bedroom

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Home with Double-Duty Bedroom

I love this Scandinavian home filled with artwork, Scandinavian design classics and the bright but cozy atmosphere. But for me the best part is the bedroom, which is very large (jealous!) and it is not only used for sleeping but also for working. It must be great to have such a large bedroom to be able to put in a spacious work area. By using String shelves you create a place to store your books without a chunky bookcase. The rug under the desk in combination with the bookshelves define the ‘workspace’ in the bedroom. It’s very simple, but a very effective way of dividing a space. Beautiful how light and open they’ve kept this home without losing any coziness.

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Grey Attic Apartment in Stockholm

Gravity Home: Grey Attic Apartment in Stockholm

I love an attic apartment. I know slanted ceilings aren’t always very practical but it does give the space some natural coziness. This apartment in Stockholm just came on the market through ESNY and it’s a stunner. The space is decorated in shades of white, grey and black like many Scandinavian spaces. But the neutral color palette gets some warmth and personal touches by using wood, plants and a lot of artwork. Gosh I love Scandinavian homes, don’t you?

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A Light Bachelor Pad in New York

Gravity Home: Light Bachelor Pad in New York

The newest project from Décor Aid is showing that a bachelor pad doesn’t always look like a man-cave. The neutral grey color makes this apartment in NYC’s West Village appear very bright. This is enhanced by the glass doors and glass panels that seperate the living space and bedroom. The glass panels are such a smart idea, when you live in New York you have to make most of the natural light your apartment is getting. With some nice pop of color in the decorations this bachelor pad look chic and sophisticated. The perfect space for some relaxing in a busy city ánd for having some friends over.

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Stunning London Location Home in Shades of Grey

Gravity Home: Location Home in London

I don’t think there’s anything in this London home that I don’t like. Beautiful use of color, a walk in closet ánd the home even has it’s own bar. It’s lovely how they worked with various shades of grey in this home. The dark living room creates a cozy atmosphere and it’s a wonderful contrast with the bright kitchen where the skylight and large glass sliding doors flood the space with light. Upstairs they kept the private spaces very calming in soft pink and grey. It gives the bedroom a bit of a Scandinavian vibe don’t you think? And honestly that bedroom with en-suite bathroom and on top of that a walk in closet? This London home is a dream come true for everyone!

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A Renovated 1930s Home in The Netherlands


Sebastiaan and Dyala wanted their home in The Netherlands to be modern and warm. Together with the architecture firm of their neighbours did they create their dream home in a 1930s building. It wasn’t always easy, the couple and the architecture firm didn’t always see eye to eye. The green wall in the living room and the white painted oak floor in the bedrooms were a shock at first but are now the eyecatchers of their home. The beautiful steel doors and exposed brick in the kitchen give this modern home an industrial twist.

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The Well-Travelled Amsterdam Home of Jasper Krabbé

Gravity Home: The Well-Travelled Amsterdam Home of Jasper Krabbé

Jasper Krabbé is an artist from a famous artistic family in The Netherlands that includes actors, artists and writers. Not surprisingly Jasper’s home in Amsterdam breathes creativity. Jasper loves items with character and soul and his historical home from 1892 is packed with items that he found during his travels. From a cabinet found in Indonesia to rugs from India and Morocco the items in this home have travelled a long way to end up in Amsterdam. The result of his passion for collecting vintage items is a stunning unique home filled with character and creativity.

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The Laslett Hotel In Notting Hill

Gravity Home: The Laslett Hotel in Notting Hill

The Laslett Hotel in Notting Hill is a luxurious hotel that feels as if you’re in a chic private residence. The Laslett is located in five Victorian townhouses in a quiet street in the popular Notting Hill neighbourhood. The hotel is designed by Tom Bartlett of Waldo Works who are known for their amazing combination of heritage and modernity. Here in The Laslett you will find a combination of Notting Hill’s rich cultural heritage, as well as the energy and creativity that characterises the contemporary local scene.

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Zara Home Linen Collection in The Labyrinth Home

Gravity Home: Zara Home Linen Collection Autumn/Winter 2016

Architecture meets home decor in the new Zara Home collection. Zara has chosen an impressive location to showcase their autumn/winter linen collection. It’s not accidental that Zara picked The Labyrinth Home of Spanish sculptor Xavier Corbero to present their new campaign. The linen collection is inspired by clean architectural lines, minimalist dyes and colors of natural materials. I can think of no better way than to show the new Zara Home items in such an impressive architectural building. The elegant and natural spaces present the new items in the best way possible and thereby creating a link between the inspiring architecture and their new home decor collection.

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IKEA Christmas Collection 2016

Gravity Home: IKEA Christmas Collection 2016

Is it that time of the year already? Only last week we had a heatwave in The Netherlands but IKEA has already launched its Christmas collection. I must say I’ve debated whether or not to post this already, but now fall has officially arrived I just have to share these wonderful new IKEA Christmas images. The collection is inspired by Swedish folk from the 1800s. They’ve used simple and natural materials such as yarn, wool, linen and wood. The collection is in true winter colors such as grey, black and white with seasonal touches in red and silver. I love the dark moody colors and seeing these images really make me want to get my home in holiday mood. The collection includes lovely lighting to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Combine this with cozy fabrics, seasonal decorations and warm colors and your home in winter proof!

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