A Designer’s Inspiring Light Home Office


If you’re working from home an inspiring workspace is a must!¬†Creative director and designer Sarah Sherman Samuel¬†used to work from her garage but after an expension of her family she thought it’s time for an office upgrade. Her office used to be a guest house that was mainly used for storage. To create this wonderful light space they ripped everything out and added skylights to give the space as much natural light as possible. The goal was to create a modern but relaxed style in her office. With light colors and an emphasis on natural materials she created an office I’m certainly jealous of!

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A Scandinavian Studio Apartment Revisited

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Studio Apartment

When you have been blogging for a few years like I have, it’s quite possibile that you find homes that you’ve featured before only differently styled. I like to browse (Scandinavian) real estate sites and¬†I recognized¬†this studio apartment in Gothenburg immediately. I have posted this studio a year ago and even though the style hasn’t changed dramatically it’s still nice to see the space with slightly different decor. This time the studio is styled in some warmer tones which suits the season very well. The studio has lots of natural elements such as the plants, wooden furniture and the IKEA Viktigt chair suits this space very well (unfortunately it’s no longer for sale). Which style do you prefer? This one or the summer version?

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Luis Urculo’s Creative Apartment In Madrid

Gravity Home: Creative Home of Luis Urculo

This creative apartment in the heart of Madrid belongs to Spanish artist Luis Urculo. He divides his time between Madrid and Mexico City and his apartment is filled with items that he picked up during his travels. From Mexican masks, industrial design and colorful kilim rugs this apartment is filled with stories from all over the world. The apartment has quite a nice story as well since it was bought by his grandparents in the 70s who then rented it out to the US embassy. The apartment of Luis Urculo is definitely a place with a lot of stories which obviously makes this home so unique.

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A Copenhagen Home With A Parisian Vibe

Gravity Home: Copenhagen Home With A Parisian Vibe

In an artistic neighbourhood in Copenhagen lies this completely renovated apartment that has a Parisian vibe. The home belongs to interior stylist Anna Norrman and her husband. The couple carefully renovated the apartment with an eye towards the historic features. The home is filled with unique design items from across the globe, which certainly gives the space an international atmosphere. I really love the black trims that you see throughout the home, that’s really something I see more often lately and it really gives a home a cool¬†edge. If you love this apartment you’re in luck because it’s for sale! And to make it even better, you can buy the apartment including the amazing furniture.

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Stay In A Former Victorian Pub In London

Gravity Home: Airbnb Victorian Pub in London

Airbnb is a great source to find interesting and original places to stay for your next travel destination. I have posted quite a few cool places and this London pub¬†is definitely one of them. This former Victorian pub from the 1850s is carefully restored to a comfortable and cozy home. The owners restored the apartment¬†with a careful eye to the history of the building. The shutters are original and the kitchen resembles a bar that you can find in an old pub. The apartment is decorated with antique items and furniture from the owner’s own brand Loaf. The historic feeling is enhanced with the¬†charcoal, blue-greys and soft white paint choices which also gives the place a calming atmosphere. This is such a beautiful apartment¬†and you can feel the love towards to old Victorian building, don’t you agree?

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A Modern Home In A Brooklyn Brownstone

Gravity Home: Modern Home in a Brooklyn Brownstone

Historic architecture combined with modern design can be absolutely beautiful if it’s done right. In this Brooklyn brownstone – built in 1910 – the owners did a beautiful job¬†in creating a modern home in an old building. The home belongs to Jeff Madalena (co-founder of clothing brand Oak) and Jason Gnewikow. The goal was to create a space where they can clear their heads and to achieve that they chose a minimal black and white palette. The minimalistic interior make the historic features really stand out so it’s lovely to see how these two styles compliment each other. It’s such a beautiful and relaxing home and I’m happy so see a historic renovation done well.

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A Closet Turned Into A Bedroom In A Swedish Apartment

Gravity Home: Closet turned into bedroom

Let me say beforehand, this is probably not for claustrophobic people! It is however quite a smart idea¬†if you want to upgrade your studio apartment into a 1-bedroom apartment.¬†In this Gothenburg apartment they built¬†a bedroom alcove with a¬†custom made closet unit. But you could also change a built-in closet¬†– that you¬†often see in old apartments –¬†into a bedroom. Now I don’t think you’ll want to close the doors while you’re sleeping¬†but the glass panelled doors do give you the opportunity to hide your bedspace when you have company (or when it’s messy). I quite like this idea plus the closet unit gives you space for storage on top.

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Pasta Miasta: Italian Restaurant With An Industrial Vibe

Gravity Home: Pasta Miasta

Pasta Miasta is an Italian restaurant in the Polish city Gdynia. The restaurant, designed by Paulina Kisiel of Studio TURBO, combines Italian caf√© style with an industrial urban style. The bistro chairs and black and white tiles make you feel as if you stepped foot in an Italian caf√©. The Italian style in combination with the exposed brick walls and exposed pipes give the space a cool urban vibe. It’s lovely how they’ve added some greenery in the space with the wire basket on the ceiling and the plant pots on the wall. I’m in love with the¬†glass paneled steel walls that open up the kitchen. That way you can take a peek and see how your Italian dish is being prepared. Pasta Miasta is a¬†beautifully designed restaurant which you perhaps would have expected in New York. Instead you have to take a trip to Gdynia, Poland to see this beauty for yourself (and eat a lot of pasta, obviously!).

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