A Stylish Grey Stockholm Apartment In Långbro Park

gravityhome grey apartment Långbro Park1

I’ve got some saturday eye candy for you. This apartment lies in the center of Stockholm but is surrounded by the nature of Långbro Park. The home is completely painted in various shades of grey which gives the apartment a stylish look. The living area is divided in three spaces: an architectural kitchen, a living room and a tv room. The areas are seperated with half open walls so that spaces get plenty of natural light from the large windows and you remain that open feeling. If you think this home looks vaguely familiar, than you’re right. This home was a shooting location for the Alcro promotional images which you can see here. I really love this unique grey Stockholm home, such a great eye for design!

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Hôtel Borgo Nuovo: A Countryside Hotel Close To Milan

gravityhome hotel borgo nuovo1

Hôtel Borgo Nuovo is a new design hotel in the Italian countryside, only 30 minutes from the center of Milan. In Hôtel Borgo Nuovo you will feel as if you’re miles away from all the touristic attractions that Milan has to offer. The hotel is designed by interior designers Viviana Fedeli and Luca Puglia. The hotel – decorated in dark colors, velvet and golden details – is filled with vintage items and custom made furniture. The artwork and installations are exclusively created by Samantha Lina. Staying in Hôtel Borgo Nuovo feels like stepping back in time to the 30s and 40s but with all the comforts of present day services. An ideal stay if you want to combine a visit to bustling Milan with a quit stay in the country.

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Hunting for George ‘Golden Years’ Art Print Collection

gravityhome hunting for george golden years art print collection1

Hunting for George is launching a new art print collection called ‘Golden Years’ that celebrates the warmth and positivity of summer. You might remember Hunting for George from this amazing loft apartment that I featured some months ago. Even though Hunting for George’s collection has expanded in the last years with furniture, bedding and accessories they haven’t forgotten how it all started for the Australian retailer. In 2012 Hunting for George’s first product was their Dr. Seuss print and now they are giving us a new print collection with typographic ánd photographic prints that will give you major summer feelings.

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A Small Historic Home In The Center Of Copenhagen

gravityhome small home of Marie Worsaae11

The small home of Aiayu co-founder Marie Worsaae is hidden away in the old historic center of Frederiksstad in Copenhagen. The former bank building dates back to the 1800s and the historic details are still visible, which immediately gives this home a cozy vibe. Marie left the base of her interior white and she complemented that with dusty pink and green. The inspiration for her home comes from her travels and every detail in Marie’s home is handpicked. The home has a Scandinavian base and with antique French chandeliers, Italian wood and Bolivian fabrics this cozy Copenhagen home becomes a well traveled home. This small home shows that you don’t have to live big to create a beautiful home, as long as you surround yourself with items that have meaning for you.

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New H&M Home Fall 2016 Collection

gravityhome h&m home1

Swedish brand H&M isn’t just for clothes, they also have an amazing H&M Home collection. New images – shot by Pia Ulin – of the Fall 2016 collection have been released and they are amazing! The collection is in true autumn colors with lots of textiles in grey and blue. Also there is a lovely new rug collection with great patterns. So if you want to move away from IKEA a little bit (altough their new collection is amazing) you can shop some of the new H&M Home Fall collection. Get inspired by these images and be ready to give your home a fall look. (images by Pia Ulin & H&M)

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A Peaceful Colonial Garden Cottage In Gothenburg

gravityhome garden cottage1

A garden cottage where you can completely seclude yourself from normal life is an absolute dream of mine. I picture a small space filled with natural materials, no tv or computer and surrounded by flowers. Now this dream is far away for me because I don’t even have a garden, but luckily I can get plenty of inspiration from other peoples garden cottages. This colonial garden cottage in Gothenburg belongs to Elin Lannsjö and Victor Johansson. They use the small cottage as an extension to their home just across the street. Their apartment has a small kitchen so this cottage is the perfect place to invite friends to dinner. The garden cottage is only 24 square meter and most items come from flea markets or a have been reclaimed from the old structure. The shades of white and grey fit perfectly with the wooden elements and together they give the garden cottage a peaceful atmosphere.

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A Cool Tiny Studio Apartment With Loft Bed

gravityhome small cool studio apartment1

That I’m a big fan of studio apartments is probably not a secret. I find it incredibly inspiring to see what people can do with a tiny space and make it a comfortable home. I have posted this studio apartment in Stockholm a few months ago on tumblr and it was a big succes. Now the studio apartment has been put on the market again by Alexander White. They have redecorated the studio and I must say it looks even better now! The studio has an industrial vibe and it doesn’t lack for anything. The wooden floor and Kakelugn already give the space a lot of character and they didn’t clutter the small space with too much furniture. The living room only has a Chesterfield sofa and a chest of drawers but they decorated the space so wonderfully with artwork, plants and candles that it doesn’t look bare. Could you live in such a small – but cool – studio apartment?

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The Sun Is Always Shining In This Colorful Summerhouse

gravityhome colorful summerhouse1

Summer may be reaching its end, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to that summer feeling. In this home the sun is always shining thanks to the bright colors that were used in decorating this home. With a neutral wooden base you can go in every direction with your home decor. To create a summer feeling keep the furniture light and airy and give the spaces some popping accents in fresh, bright colors. This home is decorated with blue, yellow and pink and it’s simply impossible to feel gloomy in this colorful summerhouse. Don’t forget to bring the nature in your home by adding fresh flowers to the spaces to give you that extra summer vibe.

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The Handmade Home Of A Young Creative Couple

gravityhome handmade old farmhouse1

À neglected 100-year-old farmhouse was rebuilt by Brian and Kelli and the old elements of the original farmhouse are to be found everywhere in their home. Throughout the home lies a concrete floor and the home is filled with natural materials (many of them salvaged) in earthy tones. The big focal point of the living room is the large barn door of reclaimed wood that seperates the living room from the ceramics studio. When it’s open it gives the living space more natural light but it can easily be closed to create a seperation from work. Many items in this home were handmade by the couple and it’s truly a lovely serene home. Just take a look at the pictures – shot by Pia Ulin – and marvel at this handmade home.

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