I did it! I finally made the step to a proper blog. You might know me from Tumblr, I’ve been posting a lot of interior inspiration there for several years, but I always wanted to see if I could do something in the big blogger world. Here you will find everything that I find inspiring in the interior world.

I find this scary, will it work? Are my tumblr followers going to follow me to this platform? Will I be able to find a bigger audience? I don’t know, but it’s a new year and my new years resolution was: ‘Just do it’. (For those who are scared that I will delete my Tumblr, don’t worry! I will always keep on posting there as well, see it as an addition to this blog).

Anyway, that’s enough talk for now. Over time we will see how this blog is going to develop, but untill then I should just start posting don’t you think? I hope you will find it just as inspiring as I do.


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