100-Year-Old Church Becomes Skate Park

Converting a church into a home or an office space is not something unusual. A large open space with high ceilings and stained glass is for many people a dream to live in. In the Spanish place Llanera in Asturias they did something completely different with an abandoned church. It’s is now a colourful skate park.

Kaos Temple8

The church, Santa Barbara by architect Manuel del Busto, was built in 1912 but after the Spanish Civil War the building was abandoned. The place was discovered by skaters known as The Church Brigade who thought the building would be perfect for a skateboard ramp. In 2014 the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel got to know about the church and he wanted to cover the church’s walls and ceiling in colourful geometric murals. The result is absolutely stunning. The church, now known as the Kaos Temple, is described by Okuda as ‘My personal Sistine Chapel’.

Kaos Temple3 Kaos Temple4Kaos Temple1Kaos Temple2 Kaos Temple5 Kaos Temple6 Kaos Temple7  Kaos Temple9

Kaos Temple10Santa Barbara

Photo’s by Elchino Pomares


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