8 Gorgeous Interiors in Film & TV

Film and TV are a great source for entertainment. We’ve all had that moment that you just can’t stop watching, you can get hooked because you want to know how the drama ends or because it’s just too funny and you want to see more. I can also get hooked on a show or a film because the interiors are so gorgeous (yes I’ve really watched movies that I thought were ‘bleh’ but ‘oh look at that bedroom!’) Here are 8 gorgeous interiors in film or tv.

A Single Man

The home of the main character George (played by Colin Firth) is Schaffer House, a midcentury home designed in 1949 by architect John Lautner. The home, named after the couple who it was designed for, wanted ‘to have a house that feels as if we’re picnicking under the oak trees’. It’s is truly a beautiful midcentury home with the open spaces, the glass and woodwork.

gravityhomeblog a single man3

Photography by Elizabeth Daniels



Atonement is one of my favourite movies (and books) ever. Set in 1930’s and 1940’s England it’s the story of young Briony, a girl with a big imagination, who accuses her sister’s boyfriend of a crime he didn’t commit. The movie was mainly filmed at Stokesay Court in Shropshire. You are truly being transported back to the early 20th century.

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It’s Complicated

The first of 3 Nancy Meyers films in the list. The film is about a divorced couple who try to reignite the spark in their relationship. The home of Meryl Streep’s character is truly wonderful.

gravityhomeblog its complicated1

Photography by Melinda Sue Gordon


Last Night

Last Night is perhaps not a hugely well known film, even though it has pretty big names in the castlist. The apartment of Joanna (Keira Knightley) and Michael (Sam Worthington) is truly to die for, I could easily live here.

gravityhomeblog Last Night1


Mad Men

One of the biggest television series of the last 10 years has wonderful style (and not just in interior design). After his divorce, Don Draper moves into a new Manhatten home. The apartment is filled with midcentury design including a sunken living room with white carpet. You can read more about the pieces that were used in the apartment at the LA Times.

Mad Men (Season 5)

Photography via Time


Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment, I think we all love it (just forget that a columnist can no way afford an apartment like that in New York). Later the apartment got a make-over but I’m more a fan of the ‘old’ apartment. I love the bed area with the soft green wall and the off-center shelves and pictures. And yes, that walk in closet is pretty awesome too!

gravityhomeblog satc44


The Holiday

The perfect movie for the holidays. The Holiday (also by Nancy Meyers) shows two kinds of interior design, a rustic cottage in England and a modern LA mansion. I’m more a rustic cottage kind of person (that bathroom is so wonderful), but that LA home is pretty awesome as well.

gravityhomeblog the holiday2

gravityhomeblog the holiday3

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gravityhomeblog the holiday9


The Intern

The last movie is also by Nancy Meyers. The Intern doesn’t only have an inspiring home, but also a gorgeous office. It is certainly not very difficult to spend some time at work there, the office space is a large open space with big industrial windows that let in a lot of light. It certainly gives inspiration for a workspace at home.

gravityhomeblog The Intern5

gravityhomeblog The Intern4

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