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I don’t think I know one person who doesn’t love IKEA. Alright.. my grandparents have never visited IKEA, they don’t understand why anyone would want to assemble their furniture in cardboard boxes in a warehouse. But besides from my lovely grandparents, I don’t know anyone. I’ll admit going to IKEA on a saturday afternoon is not very fun and last year, when I was moving, I HAD to go to IKEA on Whit Monday and I swore to myself that I will never do that again. But aside from that, I love it. And each year they come with great new products designed by wonderful designers (think only of British designer Ilse Crawford and her amazing Sinnerlig collection). Also this year we’re going to see some great new collections in our favourite Swedish store.


The Falsterbo items were designed by Mikael Axelsson and were inspired by an old fashioned kitchen. He wanted to create the feeling of a warmth and tradition in the kitchen. I love the open shelves in combination with drawers and hooks underneath to create extra storage for items you would usually put on your counter top.

falsterbo gravityhomeblog ikea7

falsterbo gravityhomeblog ikea11


Gjöra Bed

This new bed is multifunctional. The light wood gives the bed a typical Scandinavian feeling and it doesn’t look massive. But the best thing about it, the high part can be used as a wardrobe or a room divider. Just put on some nice fabric and you will shield you bed area, ideal for in studio apartments or if you want to create a different area in your bedroom for (f.e.) a wardrobe or an office.

Gjöra gravityhomeblog Ikea1

gjora gravityhomeblog ikea



I would love a make up table. It has little hooks for jewelry and you can see yourself from 3 sides. This mirror is also to be found in a smaller and bigger (standing) version.

karmsund gravityhomeblog ikea



There are great new textiles coming to IKEA this year. This one has a floral pattern based on 19th-century patterns from the Mulhouse collection. Mulhouse is a French town where textile printing was developed. Examples of those textiles are now shown in the Musée de l’impression sur étoffes.

ljusöga gravityhomeblog ikea9



Designer Ehlén Johanson wanted to create a kitchen worktable that would invite people to start cooking and baking. The table has a combination of stainless steel and bamboo which gives it a modern style with the use of sustainable materials.

rimforsa gravityhomeblog ikea2



Want to create an inside garden? The new collection Satsumas is ideal for that. I absolutely adore the little ladder with plants.

satsumas gravityhomeblog ikea3

satsumas gravityhomeblog ikea4



The new kitchen fronts Torhamn are also designed by Mikael Axelsson so it comes as no surprise that in this collection he also wanted to create a kitchen with traditional sense. Inspired by the Shaker style that combines function with simple, honest design and craftsmanship.

Torhamn gravityhomeblog ikea5

Torhamn gravityhomeblog ikea8



Designers Pia Amsell and Barbro Berlin wanted to create durable kitchen accessories in a classic style man never tires of. The products are made of honest materials like linen glass and metal.

vardagen gravityhomeblog ikea6

vardagen gravityhomeblog ikea10

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