19th-Century Farmhouse In Swedish Countryside

I’ve loved Sweden for as long as I can remember, when I was young we went to Sweden on holiday multiple times and now as an adult it’s definitely a country I could see myself living in. I feel at home in city’s as Stockholm and Göteborg but I know how beautiful the Swedish countryside can be. The home I will show you today is situated in South Sweden near Ystad close to the sea. This farmhouse dates from the mid 1800’s but is beautiful renovated with large, light open spaces. I love how they were able to combine modern features with the traditional characteristics of an old farm. It combines modern concrete floors and stairs with wooden floors, exposed beams and exposed brickwork. Oh.. and did I mention a pool! Definetely a renovation done right!

gravityhomeblog farmhouse1

gravityhomeblog farmhouse2

gravityhomeblog farmhouse3

gravityhomeblog farmhouse4

gravityhomeblog farmhouse5

gravityhomeblog farmhouse6

gravityhomeblog farmhouse7

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gravityhomeblog farmhouse9

gravityhomeblog farmhouse10

Images by Fastighetsbyrån

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