Cozy Stockholm Home by Historiska Hem

We all know famous Swedish Real Estate Agencies as Stadshem, Alvhem Mäkleri and of course Fantastic Frank. But now a new agency has captured my eye: Historiska Hem. The name already tells you a lot about this agency, they only work with homes in the architectural style that they are passionate about. This means that they do not work with homes that were built after 1965. They invest in (among others) better photographers and interior designers and that shows in their photographes. As someone who lives in a home that is definitely not historic I always feel a ping of jealousy when I see homes that have wonderful original architectural details, it gives the home a natural warm feeling, don’t you agree? Luckily, even though you may not live in a historic home, you can definitely get inspiration from their wonderful homes, and at Historiska Hem they sure know how to style a home! I’ve already posted two homes of this agency on my Tumblr (here & here). And today they put up another home for sale and it’s stunning!

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Photography by Boukari for Historiska Hem

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  1. Hello! Its the same Guy that started Stadshem WHO have historiska hem. Im glad he have taken the concept to Sthlm. I sold my apartment in gothenburgh with him

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