19th-Century French Apartment In Lyon

I’m in a French mood today. This morning I showed you a beautiful Paris apartment on the Place des Vosges, now I’m taking you further south to Lyon. This apartment belongs to interior designers Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin of Maison Hand. This modern light filled apartment is completely the opposite of their last apartment, which was completely black. The apartment lies in a building from 1852 and kept its original details like moulding, panelled walls and a gorgeous parquet floor (oh man, I love original architectural details!). The original details can make a home quite busy so they kept the colour scheme very neutral but they filled their home with artwork and items from their travels in every room which makes it a very personal home. It’s so beautiful, can I just pack my bags and move in?

gravity lyon1

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Photography by Felix Forest for Vogue

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