Old Meets New In Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam

In the cultural center of Amsterdam stands this 5-star hotel that combines historic architecture with modern design named the Conservatorium Hotel. You know I love historic architecture with modernity, not long ago I shared with you the QVEST Hotel in Cologne where they combined neo-Gothic architecture with modern interiors. The building of the Conservatorium Hotel was designed late 19th-century by Dutch architect Daniel Knuttel as a bank office. In 1983 the building became the homebase of the Sweelinck Conservatorium (that’s were it got its name!) after they were forced to move because the building wasn’t big enough anymore the building was bought by The Set who would make it into a hotel. They asked Italian architect Piero Lissoni to design the hotel and the result is stunning! I love the occasional pop of colour in the interior of the hotel which is filled with Italian design (more Italian design can be found in this apartment in Rome). So if you, as a design lover, want to take a trip to my capital city then a stay in the Conservatorium Hotel might be a good idea.

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Photography via Quincoces-dragò & partners 

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