Transport Yourself Into Van Gogh’s Bedroom Via Airbnb

Have you ever wanted to transport yourself into a painting? Well, you can! I have posted wonderful Airbnb stays before (a cave in France for example) but this must be the most amazing room I have ever seen, seriously this room actually looks like a painting! The Art Institute of Chicago created this room after the painting ‘The Bedroom’ by Vincent van Gogh. The second version of the painting (the first sustained water damage) is in hands of The Art Institute of Chicago who now have an exhibition called Van Gogh’s Bedrooms. Not to get your hopes up though, the stay in the bedroom is fully booked, but you can see the exhibition ‘Van Gogh’s Bedrooms’ from february 14th – May 10th.

gravityhomeblog gogh6

gravityhomeblog gogh5

gravityhomeblog gogh4

gravityhomeblog gogh3

gravityhomeblog gogh gravityhomeblog gogh1

In case you want to compare it to the actual painting, here you go!


Do you want to see more inspiring Airbnb’s? Take a look at the Airbnb tag on my Tumblr here & if you want to know more about Vincent van Gogh and his work take a look at his page on Artsy


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