Industrial Paris Loft With Views Over The City

This industrial Paris loft in the 10th-arrondissement belongs to journalists Sara and Louis Bonnard. Together with their Italian architect Antonio Virga did they create a beautiful home overlooking the wonderful city of Paris. The couple decided to break all the dividing walls so that they could create their own space where the view over Paris from their living room was very important. They put in a large solid oak floar that adds a lot of warmth and which looks great in combination with the industrial black steeled-framed windows. They decorated their home with modern and vintage pieces (which I love, as you know!) making it feel like a very personal home. If you want to see more industrial lofts you can check out the ‘industrial loft‘ tag on my Tumblr page for a lot more inspiration!

gravityhomeblog paris1 (2)

gravityhomeblog paris2 (2)

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gravityhomeblog paris5

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Photography by Nicolas Mathéus & Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

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