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As you probably know, I post on this blog and on Tumblr. Here I usually make 1 or 2 posts each day, but on Tumblr, on average, 7 times a day. I post snippets (or sometimes complete posts) from this blog also on Tumblr but not the other way around, which is perhaps strange. So I decided to do a weekly round up with the best posts from my Tumblr page on this blog as well starting today with some amazing homes that were posted on Gravity Tumblr.

gravity tumblr1

Cozy studio apartment


gravity tumblr2

Kinfolk Home photographed by Jonas Ingerstedt


gravity tumblr3

1920’s home with vintage furniture


gravity tumblr4

Lovely light bedroom with fireplace in Brooklyn Brownstone


gravity tumblr5 gravity tumblr6

2 friends have their own home under 1 roof in New Orleans here & here


gravity tumblr7

Lovely home by Stadshem photographed by Jonas Berg


gravity tumblr10

Light bedroom in a home for sale by Alvhem Mäkleri


gravity tumblr11

Home in The Netherlands filled with vintage finds


gravity tumblr12

Moody bachelor pad in Los Angeles


gravity tumblr13

Amazing kids room in a wonderful home


gravity tumblr9 gravity tumblr8

Cozy home with wonderful bedroom with a clever workspace

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