Stay In A Palace In Barcelona

Airbnb isn’t just a great way to find a place to stay for your next travel destination, but also (if you’re like me) to find amazing interior inspiration. I have posted unique stays in France, Amsterdam and Van Gogh’s Bedroom and this time I am traveling to Barcelona. I have never been to Barcelona but when I’m looking at this apartment in a palace I might consider a trip to southern Europe. The apartment is situated in a Gothic neighbourhood in the middle of the city surrounded by the wonderful historic sights that Barcelona has to offer for example La Sagrada Familia (a church designed by Antoni Gaudí), the Picasso Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The apartment in the palace, belonging to an old Catalan nobility, still has its original features such as high ceilings, 18th-century frescos and mosaic floors. The apartment is decorated in a mixture of old and new and I think it has a bit of an bohemian feel to it which I love and I especially love the big wooden windows/doors of almost 6 meters high. There is an open bathroom situated in the bedroom with the cool black walls and the platform bed is an excellent way to create storage space underneath. What about you, fancy a trip to a palace in Barcelona?

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