Lofoten Opera Hotel in Norway

Furthest west of Lofoten in Norway is going to rise a spectacular new building the Lofoten Opera Hotel. Designed by Snøhetta this 11.000sq meter building stretches out towards the sea in southern and western direction and creates a link between the sea and the mountains. Even though the building almost stands in the sea it is still connected with the coastal town surrounding the building site. They did a truly wonderful job in blending such a large building into the landscape and I can only imagine the view you will have from your hotel room, absolutely stunning. I can’t wait for the Lofoten Opera Hotel to be finished and if the inside is just as spectacular as the outside I’m sure I will make a follow up post about this amazing hotel in Glåpen, Norway.

gravityhomeblog lofoten1

gravityhomeblog lofoten2

Images via Snøhetta

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