Beautiful Vintage Inspired New York Brownstone of Nina Persson

In Harlem, New York stands this beautiful brownstone home of musician Nina Persson and her family. The house needed quite a bit of work to make this brownstone house the home of the Persson family. On the lower floor the walls were removed to create a large living space with open kitchen while on the top floor walls were added to create extra bedrooms for the family. The previous owner had modernized the home so the Persson family had to copy and reproduce original brownstone features which they could still see in neighbouring houses. I absolutely love that they brought back the original features of the home, I always think it is such a shame if these features are removed during renovations they add so much charm and history to a home. I feel that nowadays building homes has to be fast and cheap and they don’t pay so much attention to details as they used to which is a shame. Not only in the architectural features does the home have a link to the past, also in the family’s choice of furniture and decorations is there a clear link to the past and it looks absolutely charming and cozy. There was so much attention to detail in this home it’s a true beautiful vintage New York brownstone.

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Photography by Petra Bindel 


If you want to read more about (the renovations of) brownstones than you can check out these books: 

Restoring a House in the City: A Guide to Renovating Townhouses, Brownstones, and Row Houses wth Great Style by Ingrid Abramovitch
Design Brooklyn: Renovation, Restoration, Innovation, Industry by Anne Hellman
Bricks and Brownstone: The New York Row House 1783-1929 (Classical America Series in Art and Architecture) by Charles Lockwood

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