Beautiful Dark Blue Coloured Danish Home

Jewelry designer Rebekah Notkin lives with her family in an architectural designed townhouse from the 1930’s in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. They wanted to preserve the original details of the home so they oiled the original wooden floor a dark brown. This combined with the dark blue walls creates an intense atmosphere that embraces the home’s original architectural features. As in her jewelry design she decorated her home with composition in mind, so there must be a balance: ‘something high, low, soft and hard’. The home is decorated with pieces that have history and are collected by Rebekah and her husband through their lives, especially the art deco style is one that’s prominent in their home. Gosh this home is so beautiful, I love the dark blue walls in combination with the dark wooden floor, it gives the home such a warm feeling.

gravity danish1

gravity danish2

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Photography by Asger Mortensen for Elle Danmark


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