Inspirational Glass Wall Ideas In Every Style

After a long (and slightly boring) Oscar night I have find my way to the computer for a new inspirational blog post, this time about glass walls. I love glass walls, nowadays you especially see a lot of glass walls in an industrial style f.e. in my blogposts of an industrial loft in Paris and a former leather factory in The Netherlands. But glass walls don’t only come in an industrial style, there are many different sorts of glass walls. Whether you want a modern look, a glass wall from floor to ceiling or just a partial glass wall to divide a space but still keep an open feeling whithout losing the natural light, there is a right choice for whatever style you want in your home. Let’s get inspired by these images of wonderful glass walls.

gravityhomeblog glass1

gravityhomeblog glass2

gravityhomeblog glass3

gravityhomeblog glass4

gravityhomeblog glass5

gravityhomeblog glass6

gravityhomeblog glass7

gravityhomeblog glass8

gravityhomeblog glass9

gravityhomeblog glass10

gravityhomeblog glass11

gravityhomeblog glass12

gravityhomeblog glass13

gravityhomeblog glass14

gravityhomeblog glass15

gravityhomeblog glass16

gravityhomeblog glass17

gravityhomeblog glass18

gravityhomeblog glass19

Images: Pinterest / Tumblr / Tumblr / Karin Matz Arkitekt / Tumblr / Jonas Berg for Stadshem / Skandia Mäklarna / Fantastic Frank / Ennui / Nuevo Estilo / Pinterest / Fastighetsbyrån / Notar / Skandia Mäklarna / We Love Homes / Fantastic Frank / Camille Hermand Architectures 

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  1. I love how these glass walls really add functionality to the rooms without taking any space away. It is a smart idea to partition off an office space from the bedroom with glass. That way, both rooms feel bigger, but you have privacy when you need to work. It is really great how this idea worked so well in so many different styles of homes. It makes me want to try installing something similar in my bedroom.

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