Scandinavian Home With A Mint Green Kitchen

It must have been years ago that I first saw images of this home photographed by Petra Bindel, I probably posted them on my Tumblr at the time, but a complete home tour (that was featured on Elle Decoration this week) of this light Scandinavian home is just too wonderful not to make a proper blog post of. This home is completely in the style that Scandinavian homes are so well known for. Use of colour is brought back to a minimum and the colours that are used are very soft, like the grey sofa, the green piano and of course that beautiful mint green kitchen. I’m thinking about creating a workspace in my own apartment and it has crossed my mind to make one in front of my French windows, so the office in this home is definitely an inspiration for me personally. Same goes for the living space in this home, I love that the sofa is freestanding, I don’t like it when furniture is always pushed against a wall, it can create a nice feeling of space if you take furniture from the walls. This apartment is definitely a perfectly styled Scandinavian home.

gravity scandinavian1

gravity scandinavian2

gravity scandinavian3

gravity scandinavian4

gravity scandinavian5

gravity scandinavian6

gravity scandinavian7

gravity scandinavian8

gravity scandinavian9

gravity scandinavian10

gravity scandinavian11

gravity scandinavian12

Photography by Petra Bindel

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