Former Factory Turned Into A Cool Berlin Loft

In Berlin with views over the Spree river stands this former factory from 1880 that is turned into a residential property that you can rent on Airbnb. The loft is a combination of modern features such as the new bathroom and kitchen, and original raw elements such as the exposed brick walls and the concrete ceiling. The owner of the industrial loft is an art gallery owner so it comes as no surprise that the loft is filled with a great art collection that is always changing. The loft is sparsely furnished with vintage items and the bedroom and bathroom area is seperated from the rest of the loft with two thin walls to create some privacy in such a large space. This loft is truly a wonderful stay for art and design lovers.

gravity berlin loft1

gravity berlin loft2

gravity berlin loft3

gravity berlin loft4

gravity berlin loft5

gravity berlin loft6

gravity berlin loft7

gravity berlin loft8

gravity berlin loft9

gravity berlin loft10

gravity berlin loft11

gravity berlin loft12

gravity berlin loft13

gravity berlin loft14

Images via Airbnb


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