Church Converted Into The Jane Restaurant in Antwerp

Dutch design studio Piet Boon has designed this former church of a military hospital in Antwerp into the stunning restaurant of Sergio Herman and Nick Bril called The Jane. I love it when churches get converted when they’re no longer in use (see also this church in Spain converted to a skate park). There are so many beautiful architectural churches in the world that are no longer used for it’s original purpose, it would be a shame to lose that and this way future generations can still admire the wonderful architecture of these buildings that were built hundreds of years ago. This restaurant in Antwerp combines elegance and refinement with attitude and humour, a good example of that is the stained glass in this building, at first it looks like traditional stained glass that you see in most churches, but when you look closer you will not see martyrs or saints but a collection of objects, animals, food and other things. These windows were created by Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel of Studio Job and add a nice touch of humour in the design of this restaurant. A dinner in restaurant The Jane is not only a pleasure for the stomache but also for your eyes.

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Pictures by Richard Powers & The Jane


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