Paris Please: Scandinavian Simplicity Meets Parisian Decadence In This Hemtex Collection

Parisian decadence meets Scandinavian simplicity in this new Paris inspired collection by Lovisa Burfitt for Hemtex. Lovisa Burfitt is a Swedish illustrator who now lives in Paris, this collection is all about how she sees Paris ‘the cafés, the ivy climbing on the facades, light, chic mademoiseller and haute couture silhouettes’. As a Scandinavian she knows how important it is to bring light to Scandinavian homes so she combined the brightness of Scandinavan decor with Parisian decadence by using a bright and white style, complemented by dusty pink, gray and green. This combination resulted in a lovely collection ranging from bedding to crockery and many other items. You can see the full Paris Please collection of the website of Hemtex.

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Images via Hemtex

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