The Copenhagen Home Of Photographer Ditte Isager

It’s monday! Now for most people that isn’t something to be cheery about, but I’m going to a concert tonight that I’m really looking forward to, so I’m welcoming this monday with open arms. But first, let’s take a look at this wonderful Copenhagen home of Danish photographer Ditte Isager. As a photographer she is obsessed with light and you can also see that in her home. The kitchen and dining room are beautiful light spaces that we’re used of from Scandinavian homes. But they’ve have also made great use of colour with the sea green wall in the living room (plus a great gallery wall) and the deep blue in the bedroom. In the garden Ditte has her own studio that feels like a cocoon, the studio is completely covered in wood which makes it a nice wooden box that feels seperated from the outside world, ideal to work in! Don’t you just love this home? I love the combination of great Scandinavian design and the brightness of their spaces with good use of colour.

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Photography by Ditte Isager via Goop


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