A Restored Copenhagen Carriage House In Natural Tones

I’m quickly squeezing in another home tour this friday before I’m on my way to Amsterdam for a concert. This lovely restored carriage house in Copenhagen belongs to prop stylist and set designer Christine Rudolph. The home is completely decorated in a natural colour palette and by using a nice combination of soft and hard textures she created a lovely warm home. Her place is filled with items that have history ‘they are all things from my travels, or things that have a little story to them from one of the places I’ve lived around the world. Also, some pieces are heirlooms from my grandparents’. It may look that certain items were just placed somewhere in her home but Christine gave a lot of thought to her space and every item is carefully placed saying that she likes things to have different heights and textures. ‘I kind of sense how I should put things together—it’s very much a feeling. It’s a lot like when I create images for work, I see the picture before it’s taken’. Well it certainly works because this restored carriage house is absolutely stunning.

gravityhomeblog carriage house1

gravityhomeblog carriage house2

gravityhomeblog carriage house3

gravityhomeblog carriage house4

gravityhomeblog carriage house5

gravityhomeblog carriage house6

gravityhomeblog carriage house6-1

gravityhomeblog carriage house7

gravityhomeblog carriage house8

Images by Ditte Isager (see Ditte’s own home here) for Goop

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