A Small Yellow Stockholm Apartment That Might Be For Sale

This small yellow studio apartment might be for sale in Stockholm. The former owner of this apartment is an architect and has completely renovated this small home where he made excellent use of all the available space with storage in the most unexpected places (f.e. on top of the bathroom). This amazing studio apartment combines the old 1800’s details of the building with modern design. Beside the wonderful design there’s something else special about this apartment which has everything to do with the new Stockholm real estate agency Nooks.

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If you follow interior blogs than you probably have noticed that the Swedish real estate market is booming. To create some calm in the chaos a new real estate agency has launched this week in Stockholm. Nooks uses the concept of “might for sale” and wants to create a housing market where both buyers and sellers can take plenty of time to make their decisions. The seller asks Nooks to put their home up for sale (free of charge), the seller may withdraw their residence at any time, there’s no agreed price, there are private home tours and the buyer pays the broker’s fee of 1% of the price. With these rules they hope to calm down the process and to offer both sellers and buyers more time to make decisions.

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Images via Nooks


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