Large Stockholm Apartment With A Plant-Filled Kitchen

Most of the time when I find Scandinavian apartments they’re quit small, the amount of amazing studio apartment inspiration I have gotten from Swedish real estate sites is overwhelming (Scandinavians are só good at styling small spaces). But this Stockholm apartment is the opposite, it’s huge with 247 square meter and two living rooms, because well why not? Most rooms in this apartment are painted grey with yellow and green details to add some colour. The green is also coming from the many plants that fill this home, especially in the spacious kitchen, I love that board against the wall with the plants! I love plant-filled spaces which you can also see in the home I posted friday, if you live in a city it’s a great way to bring nature to your home.

gravityhomeblog stockholm1

gravityhomeblog stockholm2

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Images via Lagerlings


For more plant-filled home inspiration just see this post with a lot of inspiration


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