Gothenburg Apartment With A Bold Dark Bedroom

Like a true Scandinavian home this Gothenburg apartment is mainly decorated in grey, black and white with a lot of artwork decorating the walls. There’s also quite a bold choice in this cozy apartment, the owners of this home painted the small windowless bedroom a dark grey, I think it gives the bedroom a very cozy feeling but it’s certainly a bold choice in a room without natural light (I also love the placement of the mirrors in the bedroom, very interesting).

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Images by Anders Bergstedt for Entrance


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    1. I’m afraid I’m very bad at this but I’ll give it a try. The black industrial lamp looks very much like the Work Lamp by Form Us With Love (although it’s not the same one). The brass nightstand/light is the Frama 90° Wall Light. The other hanging light, I don’t know the brand, it’s a cotton ball/round paper lightstring, there are many brand/shops that sell these light strings. If I find the exact brands/shops then I will update this comment. I hope it was slightly helpful.

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