One Scandinavian Apartment Styled Two Ways


I always enjoy it when I find a home that has been on the market before so I can see how people style their homes differently. A few weeks ago I posted a wonderful bright Scandinavian apartment with a glass dividing wall. While I was browsing through the archives of Alvhem Mäkleri I found the same apartment styled differently. Overal the apartment that I found today is styled brighter, just see the differences for yourself.

Above you see the living space, apartment 2 kept the space more open and brighter by using only white and black instead of the many textures and grey tones in the first apartment.


Both apartments used the hallway as a workspace. A soft grey/green space versus a bright space with graphic wallpaper and a pop of blue in the blue Eames chair.


Both bedrooms are decorated with wallpaper, apartment 1 has a soft grey/green Mimou wallpaper while apartment 2 has a bright green leaves wallpaper by Sandberg with again a pop of blue in the plaid.

I personally prefer the version with the soft greys and greens in the apartment that I’ve posted a few weeks ago it makes the home look more cozy and comfortable and I like how they softend the place with the colours and textures even though it is a quite bright apartment. But if you prefer the other apartment you can see a full tour here below.

gravityhomeblog bright1

gravityhomeblog bright2

gravityhomeblog bright3

gravityhomeblog bright4

gravityhomeblog bright5

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gravityhomeblog bright7

gravityhomeblog bright8

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gravityhomeblog bright12

gravityhomeblog bright13

gravityhomeblog bright13-1

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