Cozy And Elegant Vintage Home Of A Fashion Designer

This cozy Stockholm homes belonges to H&M designer Angelica Grimborg and her daughter Evy. Angelica completely renovated this apartment and in the renovations she switched up the floorplan and made an extra room for her daughter behind the large iron window that you see in the living room, giving the little room some natural light flooding from the living room (plus it’s an amazing statement piece). The home is decorated in a wonderful mix of materials with many items that were found on flea markets and vintage stores. I always love some vintage touches in a home, it gives the home some extra character don’t you think? It’s a beautiful small home with big style in Stockholm.

gravityhomeblog cozy elegant1

gravityhomeblog cozy elegant2

gravityhomeblog cozy elegant3

gravityhomeblog cozy elegant4

gravityhomeblog cozy elegant5

gravityhomeblog cozy elegant6

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photography by Anne Nyblæus for Elle Decoration


For more homes with vintage items see a vintage inspired New York brownstone or a charming Gothenburg home with a dreamy bedroom. You can also look at my vintage tag on tumblr to get more vintage inspiration. 


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