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Another beautiful interior design week on my tumblr. You can follow me on Tumblr (or if you don’t have tumblr on Bloglovin) if you never want to miss a home that I post on my Tumblr page. You can also follow this blog on Bloglovin to stay updated with every post. And on top of that I’m also active on Pinterest & Instagram, so come and join me on these social platforms as well! (top picture: small apartment with beautiful glass doors)

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Los Angeles Loft


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Grey and green apartment


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East village apartment


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Brick loft in Los Angeles that you can also rent on airbnb


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Light attic bedroom with exposed beams 


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Lots of exposed brick in this apartment


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Apartment with a green kitchen and serene bedroom


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Cozy Swedish home


gravityhomeblog tumblr10

Light home with pink and blue touches


gravityhomeblog tumblr11

Danish home filled with plants


gravityhomeblog tumblr12

Plant filled Barcelona apartment


gravityhomeblog tumblr13

Attic loft with exposed brick


gravityhomeblog tumblr14

Blue inspiration by VT Wonen


gravityhomeblog tumblr15

Studio apartment with lovely dark wooden doors


gravityhomeblog tumblr16

Charming home in Sweden 


gravityhomeblog tumblr17

And ending my round up with a lovely rose filled garden

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