19th-Century Mission House Turned Into Modern Scandinavian Home

Carl-Johan Bauhn first saw this 19th-century former mission house while attending an air show in Vallentuna, Sweden. The place was in dire need of repair but he saw the potential in the building and together with his partner Sara Fjelkman did they decide to save this former place of worship and renovate it into a modern home with a historic feeling. Everything in this building needed to be repaired which had to be done carefully to preserve the facade, windows and other details that were typical of the building. It took the couple 2 years to complete the renovation but the result is stunning. They gave a 19th-century mission house a new function in making it a beautiful light home. I particularly love the pastel blue, green and pink that bring some color in this Scandinavian home giving the old mission house a calm and serene feeling with a pop of color.

gravityhome mission house2

gravityhome mission house11

gravityhome mission house3

gravityhome mission house4

gravityhome mission house5

gravityhome mission house6

gravityhome mission house7

gravityhome mission house8

gravityhome mission house10

gravityhome mission house9

photography by Helén Karlsson

Read more about their renovation process on their website (in Swedish) with before and after pictures

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