A Tropical Experience In Amsterdam At Bar Botanique

Botanical design is very trendy at the moment and you can definitely see that in Bar Botanique, a new restaurant and cafe in Amsterdam. Designed by the Dutch Studio Modijefsky this bar will get in you in a tropical feeling in no time. Bar Botanique is covered in green walls, ceiling and floor and is decorated with many (tropical) plants. The space, which was formally a gym, a cafe and a bar, has large double height windows that bring in a lot of natural light which is also being reflected by the mirrors hanging from the ceiling. The design of Bar Botanique was inspired by the cafe that was located in this building for more than 25 years, but as you will see they’ve added some tropical touches in the design.

gravityhome bar botanique1

gravityhome bar botanique2

Bar Botanique is filled with vintage pieces such as the 1950s Topform chairs and sofa’s in the lounge area but also details of the gym and the former bar have been used in decorating this new tropical restaurant.

gravityhome bar botanique3

gravityhome bar botanique4

The dining area is seperated from the rest of the bar on the entresol and souterrain. Here they’ve added some pink and brown to all the green which gives the space a softer and calmer feeling.

gravityhome bar botanique5

gravityhome bar botanique6

gravityhome bar botanique7

gravityhome bar botanique8

gravityhome bar botanique9

Even from the outside you can see that this is a very green bar, the window frames are all painted green. The logo of Bar Botanique wraps around the building on the facade in a custom font that was also created by Studio Modijefsky, so you really can’t miss this lovely new bar in Amsterdam!

gravityhome bar botanique10

gravityhome bar botanique11

gravityhome bar botanique12

images by Maarten Willemstein – design by Studio Modijefsky

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