Sneak Peak Into The IKEA 2017 Catalog

I think everyone has at least one IKEA item in their home (I certainly do), IKEA always comes with great new designs working with the best designers in the world. In august the new IKEA 2017 Catalog will come out and many people (including me) can’t wait! Luckily for you (and me) I can give you a sneak peak of the new IKEA 2017 catalog filled with great new decorating ideas from small space living to green living and everything else you need to create a home that fits for you. I’ve already shared a few new IKEA items that will hit the store in august – which you can see here – but are you curious what else you can expect from IKEA in 2017? Just scroll down to get a sneak peak of the IKEA 2017 catalog.

gravityhome ikea 2017 catalog5

gravityhome ikea 2017 catalog1

Goodbye expectations. Hello you! is the theme of the IKEA 2017 catalog. IKEA says: ‘A lot of people feel pressured in their everyday life. In this year’s catalog, we’ve tried our best to create home furnishing solutions that help people to live a life without negative expectations. We want people to care less about other people’s opinions – and more about what they want themselves. It’s about following your own path and listening to your inner voice. It’s about you being you. Period.’

gravityhome ikea 2017 catalog2

gravityhome ikea 2017 catalog4

gravityhome ikea 2017 catalog6

This year the IKEA catalog will also have 13 feature stories that will take you around the world. Showing you inspiring examples on how IKEA connects to different people in different cultures.

gravityhome ikea 2017 catalog8

gravityhome ikea 2017 catalog9

If you like browsing the IKEA 2017 catalog on your mobile or tablet than you’re in luck, because the IKEA catalog app is getting a make over making the app work & look better.

gravity home ikea catalog 2017

gravityhome ikea 2017 catalog10


Are you excited for the new IKEA catalog? You only have to wait a little longer because you can see the full IKEA 2017 catalog on august 8th. 


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