Dare To Go Black: A Stunning Dark Home In Lyon

Grey is the new white is something you hear quite a lot in interior design but a home completely decorated in dark grey and black is not something most people would dare in their own home. This home in Lyon designed by Maison Hand shows that a home decorated in dark colours is actually very beautiful (and not depressing at all). They kept the ceiling white but beside that everything is painted dark grey and black with some dark blue touches to add some diversity. I must say I’m pretty in love with this home but I’m not sure if I would dare to go completely dark in my interior, but this dark home in Lyon shows that it can be done beautifully.

gravity home: dark home

gravity home: dark home

gravity home: dark interior

gravity home: dark home

gravity home: dark home

images by Romain Ricard

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  1. Thank you for featuring so many beautiful homes that don’t follow the mainstream style of white walls, sparse furniture, and colorful rugs. In sea of blogs that look like someone did a Google search by image, your take on decor is refreshing and inspiring.

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