A 12th-Century French Chateau Turned Into Bohemian Family Home

This 12th-century French chateau belongs to Hubert and Isabelle, the owners of the interior store Les Petites Emplettes. After two years of renovations they managed to turn this almost ruined chateau into a beautiful bohemian and eclectic family home. The couple decided to show the long history of the building by keeping the layers of wallpaper in the living spaces downstairs and taking out the false ceilings to give the space a lofty feeling. The combination of the green paint, vintage furniture and historical details give the home a rustic bohemian and eclectic vibe. Upstairs the rooms are much simpler in an all-white palette in combination with wooden floors and furniture of Les Petited Emplettes. This home is so amazing, can I just have my own French chateau s’il vous plaît?

gravityhome green french chateau2

gravityhome green french chateau3

gravityhome green french chateau4

gravityhome green french chateau5

gravityhome green french chateau6

gravityhome green french chateau7

gravityhome green french chateau8

gravityhome green french chateau9

images by Yann Deret for Inside Out (via sf girl by bay)

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