A Peaceful Colonial Garden Cottage In Gothenburg

A garden cottage where you can completely seclude yourself from normal life is an absolute dream of mine. I picture a small space filled with natural materials, no tv or computer and surrounded by flowers. Now this dream is far away for me because I don’t even have a garden, but luckily I can get plenty of inspiration from other peoples garden cottages. This colonial garden cottage in Gothenburg belongs to Elin Lannsjö and Victor Johansson. They use the small cottage as an extension to their home just across the street. Their apartment has a small kitchen so this cottage is the perfect place to invite friends to dinner. The garden cottage is only 24 square meter and most items come from flea markets or a have been reclaimed from the old structure. The shades of white and grey fit perfectly with the wooden elements and together they give the garden cottage a peaceful atmosphere.

gravityhome garden cottage2

gravityhome garden cottage3

gravityhome garden cottage4

Victor designed the kitchen and the wooden kitchen island is made of old beams that they found during the renovations. The kitchen table is also made of reclaimed wood from the old structure.

gravityhome garden cottage5

gravityhome garden cottage6

gravityhome garden cottage7

They built a small shed with glass double doors facing the main cottage, it is just big enough for a double bed.

gravityhome garden cottage8

gravityhome garden cottage9

gravityhome garden cottage10

photos by Helene Bernstone



Are in love already? More pictures of Elin’s garden shed here and if you want to keep on dreaming of garden cottages take a look at this one in bohemian style.


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