A Small Historic Home In The Center Of Copenhagen

The small home of Aiayu co-founder Marie Worsaae is hidden away in the old historic center of Frederiksstad in Copenhagen. The former bank building dates back to the 1800s and the historic details are still visible, which immediately gives this home a cozy vibe. Marie left the base of her interior white and she complemented that with dusty pink and green. The inspiration for her home comes from her travels and every detail in Marie’s home is handpicked. The home has a Scandinavian base and with antique French chandeliers, Italian wood and Bolivian fabrics this cozy Copenhagen home becomes a well traveled home. This small home shows that you don’t have to live big to create a beautiful home, as long as you surround yourself with items that have meaning for you.

gravityhome small home of Marie Worsaae2

gravityhome small home of Marie Worsaae3

gravityhome small home of Marie Worsaae4

“I surround myself with things and details that are important to me; things from my work, from travel, friends and family. I use them because I feel that by using things they will come alive. I like to buy pieces that become part of my everyday, and stick with me for a long time. Not only classic furniture and great designs of high quality, but things with a little story that is dear to me. I like mixing Danish design with more rustic pieces — I’m not an either/or person. I think Aiayu is the same.”

gravityhome small home of Marie Worsaae5

gravityhome small home of Marie Worsaae6

gravityhome small home of Marie Worsaae7

“I want to create a warm home, where my friends feel comfortable”

gravityhome small home of Marie Worsaae8

gravityhome small home of Marie Worsaae9

photos by Peter Kragballe

Marie is co-founder of Aiayu (which means ‘soul’ in Bolivian), a sustainable fashion and interiorbrand that specializes in delicious knitwear of the softest lama wool.


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