How To Decorate your (Dorm) Room In Bohemian Style

gravity home:How to decorate your (dorm) room in bohemian style

Bohemian rooms are everywhere at the moment. You might think that a bohemian room is always filled with color with very busy decor, which isn’t the case. Bohemian rooms come in various styles, from the colorful eccentric ones to a more neutral style. What the various bohemian rooms do have in common is that they’re filled with textiles, they have a very cozy vibe and most importantly there are no rules! Bohemian rooms are all about creating a space that you’re comfortable in, with items that have meaning for you that you love to show off. Now you might have just moved to a new dorm room (exciting!) and looking for a way to make your space your own. Or maybe you’re sick of you old decor and want to create a bohemian vibe in your room. Whatever the reason get inspired by these wonderful bohemian rooms and see how you can get the bohemian look!

The colorful bohemian room

gravityhome colorful bohemian bedroom

Mix colors and fabrics to get a warm vibe

Bohemian rooms don’t care much for ‘rules’ and ‘interior trends’. It’s all about mixing colors and fabrics that you love. Instead of buying a sofa or chair you can place a soft rug on the floor and create a sitting space with pillows and floor cushions. And if a rug on the floor isn’t enough for you, than you can also hang them on the walls (or ceilings) to make them into a tapestry.

gravityhome colorful bohemian bedroom

gravityhome colorful bohemian9

gravityhome colorful bohemian room8

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Leave your walls unfinished for a vintage bohemian look

gravityhome colorful bohemian bedroom

in this picture: colorful quilt, colorful pillows, bedframe, vintage looking nightstand

Add string lights and candles

String lights and candles create a soft and warm light in your room. You can apply them everywere; in a canopy, above the windows, hang them over some furniture or create a stunning gallery wall with string lights.

gravityhome colorful bohemian bedroom

in this picture: blue comforter, string lights, purple pillow, knitted blanket

gravityhome colorful bohemian bedroom

gravityhome colorful bohemian room6

Fill your space with plants

Of course a bohemian room isn’t completely finished if it doesn’t have plants in it. Instead of just putting them in a pot and placing them on a table, you can also hang them from the ceiling with hanging planters. Not only are plants good for your health is also looks fresh and cozy.

gravityhome colorful bohemian bedroom

gravityhome colorful bohemian bedroom


The neutral colored bohemian room

Now if all those colors are a bit much for you, than you can also go for a more neutral colored bohemian room. Decorate your room in soft colors and natural materials. By filling the room with various textiles you still create a warm vibe.

gravityhome neutral bohemian bedroom

in this picure: bohemian bedframe, pompom duvet cover, Moroccan rug

gravityhome neutral bohemian bedroom

Rattan furniture and woven baskets are a great way to create that neutral bohemian vibe.

gravityhome neutral bohemian bedroom

in this picture: a carved headboard, tufted dot coverlet, knit pillow

gravityhome neutral bohemian5

gravityhome neutral bohemian bedroom

Textures are very imporatant in bohemian spaces. There are plenty of neutral colored decorations that will make your room a cozy haven.

Gosh.. I love bohemian rooms the are just so cozy. If you want more bohemian inspiration just take a look at the tumblr tag filled with gorgeous bohemian homes.

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  1. Thanks for posting this magnificent blog. I love the individuality and creativity of the bohemian style and you have some truly wonderful ideas here! If I was decorating a room in boho style, I’d go for the rattan furniture and woven baskets as you’ve mentioned and a chest of drawers painted in bright, red/orange colours. This post has really inspired me to embrace my inner boho!

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