A Scandinavian Home Connected To Nature

After living in Malmö, the family Wäborg decided to built their Scandinavian dream home filled with natural materials, design classics and close to nature. Sofia and John longed for more nature, so they asked friend and architect Hanne Birk to design their dream home close to the sea in Höllviken. The wooden materials and natural colors create a natural laid back atmosphere. The large windows that draw the surrounding nature in their home complete the picture. The home is filled with Scandinavian design classics such as Hans Wegner dining and lounge chairs. The soft colors and great design make this a beautiful harmonious Scandinavian home.

gravityhome natural home2

gravityhome natural home3

gravityhome natural home4

‘We wanted to create a place that gives inner peace and a sense of harmony. The common thread was a desire to create a home where nature becomes a part of the house where the material choices are natural, solid, well designed and in harmony with nature as if they have always been there’.

gravityhome natural home5

gravityhome natural home6

gravityhome natural home7

gravityhome natural home8

photos by Petra Bindel

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