New York Cabin That Serves As Guest House And Library

Oh my a perfect cabin this way! Designed by Studio Padron this black cabin in the woods serves as a tiny vacation home/library in upstate New York. Because the space is only small, they created bookshelves by leaving gaps between the interior wooden logs that serve as the interior walls. There is only space for a double bed, an armchair and a desk but honestly with all these books, do you really need more?

gravityhome cabin guest house and library2

gravityhome cabin guest house and library3

“The strategy for the cottage centered on preserving and transforming a material that would otherwise have become construction waste”

gravityhome cabin guest house and library4

gravityhome cabin guest house and library5

photos by Jason Knoxvold

I love cabins, what about you? For more cabin inspiration just take a look at this tag

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