London Home Of Malene Birger That’s Packed With Art

The London home of designer Malene Birger is absolutely packed with art. This light apartment in South Kensington is her home, art studio and workspace in one so it has to be a space where she can feel creative. Many items come from her travels, therefore creating a unique and personal atmosphere in her home. The apartment might seem cluttered but Malene has a good eye for bringing some order in her home. ‘I can sense an imbalance in the body if things are not “right” placed. I’m trying to create peace in a home with millions of things’. The art, the fabrics and the antiques all works together so perfectly which gives this London home a lovely cosy feeling.




gravity-home-malene-birger-art-filled-london-home5 gravity-home-malene-birger-art-filled-london-home6

photos by Birgitta Wolfgang

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