Valencia Lounge Hostel: A Colorful Stay In The City’s Old Town

When you think about hostels, great design is probably not something that immediately comes to mind. But nowadays more and more design hostels are opening in the world. I’ve posted a great design hostel in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. This stunning hostel is located in the old town of Valencia. The two hostels have something in common because both are big on color! Valencia Lounge Hostel has 11 rooms which are all uniquely styled. The hostel is designed by Masquespacio with the intention of creating a ‘homey’ feeling and the hostel really looks homey and unique. So when you’re going on a trip to Valencia, instead of picking a hotel or airbnb you could just choose the Valencia Lounge Hostel. And otherwise you can get some amazing bedroom and paint ideas from these bright, colorful rooms!

gravity home valencia lounge hostel2

gravity home valencia lounge hostel3

gravity home valencia lounge hostel4

In the Valencia Lounge Hostel you will find typical element of 20th-century Valencian homes such as vintage cement tiles and plaster molds on the ceilings.

gravity home valencia lounge hostel5

gravity home valencia lounge hostel6

gravity home valencia lounge hostel7

Each room has a different look so it appeals to different kinds of travellers. Some rooms have bold graphic patterns while others have a more serene atmosphere. No matter your taste, there is a room that fits your personality.

gravity home valencia lounge hostel8

gravity home valencia lounge hostel9

gravity home valencia lounge hostel10

‘We wanted to recreate the feelings for the guests that there were staying in a home, but one that makes them dream, disconnect and live a new experience, while there are enjoying their holidays.’

gravity home valencia lounge hostel11

gravity home valencia lounge hostel12

photos by masquespacio via designboom

Stunning right? You might have read in an earlier blogpost that I’m not a huge fan of hostels, but all these design hostels really look appealing (even to me)

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