Industrial Loft Apartment Of An Italian Artist

I remember seeing pictures of this industrial loft in Italy years ago and I instantly fell in love. Now, there are new images of this industrial loft and the design has changed a bit. A good excuse to give you a new tour of this impressive space. The loft belongs to Marco Vido, an Italian artist, who has made his home in this factory building near Lake Como. It’s important for Marco to retain the soul of the building. Therefore he kept the walls and windows in its original form and thereby showing the history of the building. The loft is also used as his workspace and the place is filled with artwork of his own hand, which makes the loft very personal and always changing. Thinking of an industrial loft, this space in Italy is probably what most people envision. It’s absolute perfection.

Gravity Home: Industrial Loft Apartment

Gravity Home: Industrial Loft

‘The light is the basis of all life. An architect or artist creates also emotions through light. Had we not done that, we’d only been construction workers’.

Gravity Home: Industrial Loft

Gravity Home: Industrial Loft

photos by Stefania Giorgo/Living Inside via BoBedre

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