18th-Century Farmhouse in New York With A Modern Extension

Gravity Home: 18th-century farmhouse in New York

Contrast between old and new, if it’s done right it can be fabulous. This farmhouse in New York dates back to 1734 and still bears signs of its Dutch colonial roots. The farmhouse has been renovated in a traditional style with floorboards that were removed from an old demolished building. For the extension they went an entire different route. As a contrast to the old farmhouse they built a steel-clad building that reminds you of a trailer home. In the new building is the modern kitchen with stone floor and a guest bedroom. I’ll admit you’ll either love it or hate it and to be quite honest I definitely prefer the old farmhouse style.

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Light And Dark In A Spanish Mountain Home

Gravity Home: Mountain Home in Spain

This granite stone house in the mountains in Spain was completely derelict when architect Jesus Colao of Schneider Colao started designing. The original plan was to transform this 1950s home into a white box. In the end Jesus worked with light and dark so perfectly it almost looks like a Vermeer painting. The chestnut panelling give the home a typical mountain ‘chalet-style’. The modern skylights and white floor truly enlightens the home, bringing the perfect balance between light and dark. To finish it off, they decided to decorate the home with 1950s furniture in popping colours. But only the essential furniture was allowed in the home it only had to answer a very simple question: Do you need it?

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A Renovated Farmhouse in The Netherlands

Gravity Home: Renovated Farmhouse in The Netherlands

I’m in love with old derelict buildings that are given a new life. This farmhouse in The Netherlands wasn’t in very good shape when Denny and Vivian bought it, but they fell in love with the location and the unlimited view of the fields behind the farmhouse. Architect Joep van Os decided to add gigantic steel and glass walls so that the owners can fully take in the view that they love so much. The farmhouse has a lovely combination of old and new. They managed to keep the wooden beams and the exposed brick walls that the owners loved very much. The white base and the steel frames add some modern touches to an old building. I love how the architect managed to bring this farmhouse into the 21st-century without losing its historic charm.

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Cornwall Home Covered With Steam-Bent Timber

As an architecture lover I always look forward to seeing the British tv-show Grand Designs. For those who do not know, Grand Designs is a tv-show that follows people who are building their dream home. Earlier this month they featured the project of furniture designers Tom and Danielle Raffield who were going to built an extension to their small gamekeeper’s lodge in Cornwall. Tom and Danielle use steam-bent timber in their furniture designs and wanted to apply the same technique to their home. The result is absolutely stunning so I couldn’t wait to share this with you. I truly love the combination of the old gamekeeper’s lodge with the new timber home and the attention to detail is just superb!

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Sunday Inspiration #36

Happy sunday everyone 🙂 It’s getting colder so what better way to spend a day than curled up with a nice book. I’ve updated my interior design & architecture book list so enough inspiration for you there. You can see it easily on my blog as well under ‘Design Books‘ in the menu. This list will get updated frequently (I’ll always mention it when I have). Now let’s take a look at some gorgeous pictures I’ve spotted this week.

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Sunday Inspiration #35

Ah, sunday already. It’s been an inspiring week again here on my blog and on tumblr. This week my blog was selected in the Feedspot Top 100 Architecture Blogs, many thanks for that :). Make sure to follow me on social media as well to get the latest interior inspiration wherever you want (bloglovin // instagram // facebook // pinterest). Also check out my new Shop page, here you can buy the items in the homes that I post. Now let’s get inspired on this first sunday of october (top picture by IKEA)

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