Magical Moments in the H&M Home Christmas Collection 2017

Gravity Home: H&M Home Christmas Collection 2017

I can’t believe it’s already that time of the year where we have to start thinking about Christmas decorations. Did this year go fast or what? The H&M Home Christmas Collection 2017 is absolutely magical. The collection consist of typical Christmas colours, so lots of red, green and gold. Whether you want a Chistmas in green with lots of plants, a classic red holiday or a more calmer white & gold for every Christmas lover there are perfect decorations.

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Zara Home’s Botanical Autumn

Gravity Home: Zara Home Botanical Autumn

Zara Home’s new collection Botanical Autumn is filled with pastel colours, florals and vintage-inspired embroidery. The goal of this new line is to create a space that is calm and tranquil. I must say I absolutely love the images of this new collection, I adore the soft colour scheme and I always love a good floral pattern. And beside the wonderful new items from Zara Home, I must say that the architecture of this home is absolutely stunning!

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H&M Home Brings the Summer Vibes To Your Home

Gravity Home: H&M Home Summer Collection 2017

The H&M Summer Collection 2017 has just launched and it looks like a perfect summer. Whether you want botanical prints and bright colours or if you prefer more natural colours and materials the H&M Home Summer Collection has it all. The summer collection is hitting the store now, so you can make your home ready for summer. They really transport you into gorgeous summer days where you do absolutely nothing except lie at the pool and bath in the sun. Ah.. I can’t wait for summer, what about you?

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IKEA Summer Collection 2017

Gravity Home: IKEA Summer Collection 2017

I’m longing for the sun and some warm weather so this might be a good time to show you the IKEA Summer Collection 2017. IKEA is coming with a stunning collection of furniture and decor that will brighten up your summer days. From rattan garden furniture to bohemian style textiles and cozy lighting, IKEA has everything to make your outdoor experience more beautiful than ever. Just take a look at the many beautiful images from the IKEA Summer Collection and get yourself into summer moods.

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Cozy Textures and Warm Colours in the Città Winter Collection

Gravity Home: Città Winter Collection

Città is a design brand from New Zealand that gets inspired by the worlds unique cultures. In their home collections they share a global design story through beautiful home products. The Città Winter Collection 2017 – Elevation – is inspired by the natural wonder of Bolivia. The rugged, raw, and impossibly beautiful nature is translated into bold design with warm, moody and rich colors. Chunky textures, bold shapes and simple geometrics and plaids collide with exaggerated weaves and knits with subtle reference to the 60s. The promo images of this collection are absolutely stunning. The combination of the raw architecture with the cozy textures and warm colours is absolutely perfect and very inspiring.

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H&M Christmas 2016 Collection

Christmas is approaching fast so it’s time to start thinking about on how to get your home in holiday spirits. A few weeks ago I already showed you the IKEA Christmas collection and today I’m showing you H&M’s Christmas collection for 2016. The H&M Christmas collection is filled with traditional Christmas colors so you can expect a lot of red and blue. They have a lovely selection of tree ornaments, cozy pillows and other decorations to give your home the ultimate Christmas feeling.

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Zara Home Linen Collection in The Labyrinth Home

Gravity Home: Zara Home Linen Collection Autumn/Winter 2016

Architecture meets home decor in the new Zara Home collection. Zara has chosen an impressive location to showcase their autumn/winter linen collection. It’s not accidental that Zara picked The Labyrinth Home of Spanish sculptor Xavier Corbero to present their new campaign. The linen collection is inspired by clean architectural lines, minimalist dyes and colors of natural materials. I can think of no better way than to show the new Zara Home items in such an impressive architectural building. The elegant and natural spaces present the new items in the best way possible and thereby creating a link between the inspiring architecture and their new home decor collection.

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IKEA Christmas Collection 2016

Gravity Home: IKEA Christmas Collection 2016

Is it that time of the year already? Only last week we had a heatwave in The Netherlands but IKEA has already launched its Christmas collection. I must say I’ve debated whether or not to post this already, but now fall has officially arrived I just have to share these wonderful new IKEA Christmas images. The collection is inspired by Swedish folk from the 1800s. They’ve used simple and natural materials such as yarn, wool, linen and wood. The collection is in true winter colors such as grey, black and white with seasonal touches in red and silver. I love the dark moody colors and seeing these images really make me want to get my home in holiday mood. The collection includes lovely lighting to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Combine this with cozy fabrics, seasonal decorations and warm colors and your home in winter proof!

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How To Decorate your (Dorm) Room In Bohemian Style

gravity home:How to decorate your (dorm) room in bohemian style

Bohemian rooms are everywhere at the moment. You might think that a bohemian room is always filled with color with very busy decor, which isn’t the case. Bohemian rooms come in various styles, from the colorful eccentric ones to a more neutral style. What the various bohemian rooms do have in common is that they’re filled with textiles, they have a very cozy vibe and most importantly there are no rules! Bohemian rooms are all about creating a space that you’re comfortable in, with items that have meaning for you that you love to show off. Now you might have just moved to a new dorm room (exciting!) and looking for a way to make your space your own. Or maybe you’re sick of you old decor and want to create a bohemian vibe in your room. Whatever the reason get inspired by these wonderful bohemian rooms and see how you can get the bohemian look!

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Wednesday Mood: Blush

gravityhome blush

I’m having one of those days that I’m completely obsessed with one color. Today I’m in a very blush mood. Even though we’re slowly going towards autumn and its darker colors I want to hang on to the soft light colors of spring and summer. Rose quartz is one of the colors of the years so you’re seeing this soft pink everywhere now. But this color is not just for one year, it looks so wonderful in many interior styles that surely it’s here to stay.

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