The Lovely English Garden of Writer Ian McEwan

Gravity Home: The Lovely English Garden of Ian McEwan

A garden Astrid? Yes a garden! I don’t often share personal things about me but one fact about me is that I LOVE period dramas. I once made a list (including a map) with all the manor houses in Britain so I could take a road trip and visit them all. So far that hasn’t happened yet so I’ll have to do with pictures. But when I saw this garden by writer Ian McEwan (known from Atonement) I definitely pictured myself in a bonnet and a long dress sweeping though the landscape with a good book (Hello Elizabeth Bennet!). I do wish we could see more of the house though, it’s an early 20th-century manor house in the Cotswolds and from the little peek we’re getting it looks absolutely beautiful! But today I’m just gonna dream about the garden, so lovely!

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How To Decorate Your Garden For A Nice Summer Party

This morning I posted a lovely new restaurant in Copenhagen where you can have a garden party in the middle of the city. But maybe you’re lucky enough to have your own garden where you can throw a nice summer party. To help you get some inspiration on how to decorate your garden party I’ve selected some lovely pictures of summer party’s that you just don’t want to leave. (Hint: It involves many pillows, blankets and string lights)

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