A Restored Copenhagen Carriage House In Natural Tones

I’m quickly squeezing in another home tour this friday before I’m on my way to Amsterdam for a concert. This lovely restored carriage house in Copenhagen belongs to prop stylist and set designer Christine Rudolph. The home is completely decorated in a natural colour palette and by using a nice combination of soft and hard textures she created a lovely warm home. Her place is filled with items that have history ‘they are all things from my travels, or things that have a little story to them from one of the places I’ve lived around the world. Also, some pieces are heirlooms from my grandparents’. It may look that certain items were just placed somewhere in her home but Christine gave a lot of thought to her space and every item is carefully placed saying that she likes things to have different heights and textures. ‘I kind of sense how I should put things together—it’s very much a feeling. It’s a lot like when I create images for work, I see the picture before it’s taken’. Well it certainly works because this restored carriage house is absolutely stunning.

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A Pantone 2016 Approved Pastel Apartment By Kenay Home

gravityhomeblog pastel1

If you love the Pantone 2016 colours of the year rose quartz and serenity than you are going to be very happy about the next home tour. This apartment is decorated by the Spanish brand Kenay Home to show their new Scandinavian inspired collection. I love the combination of the soft colours and those beautiful vintage floor tiles, aren’t they amazing? This is a lovely light-filled apartment in this years Pantone colours, giving the apartment a very relaxed atmosphere.

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Spacious Studio Apartment With Dark Walls In Gothenburg

Oh hello dark beauty! I only saw one picture of this dark coloured studio apartment and I was sold. This studio apartment just came on the market by Entrance Mäkleri (seriously their homes are just amazing). I absolutely love the dark coloured walls in the living/sleeping space, despite this the space is very light thanks to the combination of the three windows (see that cute little one in the corner) and the light wooden floor. The studio is quite large and can be divided into seperate rooms (I prefer it this way though) and there is a seperate spacious kitchen, with again a large window and nice wallpaper from York Wallcoverings. I love studio apartments and this one is definitely high on my list of favourite ones.

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A Serene And Light Bedroom In The Netherlands

gravityhomeblog bedroom1

Whether you follow interior blogs or your interior inspiration comes mainly from pinterest you can’t have missed the bedroom of Dutch blogger and interior stylist Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle (I have posted her beautiful bedroom on my tumblr as well which you can find here). The spaces that she styles are always beautifully light, serene and warm feeling. This bedroom in a penthouse near Amsterdam is no exception, the bedroom is decorated in a minimal colour palette and she used beautiful materials to style this space. Holly styled the entire penthouse of her client and after seeing this bedroom I can’t wait to see the rest of the rooms.

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Elegant Paris Apartment With Architectural Details

Gravityhomeblog Bonaparte1

This 135m2 apartment on the Rue Bonaparte in Paris is an example of classic and elegant French design. Beautiful high ceilings, parquet de Versailles floor, refined wall moldings and a stunning oak panelled dining room make this Paris apartment a dream come true for everyone that loves French design. Thanks to the large windows every room in this apartment is flooded with light making every architectural detail stand out even more than usual. I love French apartments, they’re so elegant and classic. Want to see more Paris apartments? Just click here.

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Bright White And Grey Studio Apartment

Real estate agency Entrance never fails to impress me with their homes and photography. This bright grey and white studio apartment is just one of many inspirational homes that they have put on the market. The home is only decorated in light grey and white with traditional furniture pieces that you see in many Scandinavian homes like a Bertoia wire chair (budget version here) and Thonet chairs (similar here & here) but to make it stand out from the normal Scandinavian apartment this small studio has an amazing eye catcher with that vintage dark red velvet sofa. Scandinavians homes always have such a calm atmosphere, I can imagine that you can completely relax in these wonderful bright and serene homes.

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Pretty In Pink: A Tiny Stockholm Apartment

I love this minimalistic pink beauty that hit the real estate market in Stockholm today. The apartment has only 2 rooms, the living space is completely painted pink (very nicely in the style of the Pantone colour of the year) whereas the kitchen keeps it very monochromatic by only using grey, white and black. This apartment shows you don’t need much furniture to have a nice and comfortable home. I absolutely love this extremely stylish pink apartment.

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Fun And Colourful Eclectic Paris Apartment

You’re going to feel very cheerful today after seeing the pictures of this 240 square meter apartment in the 16th-arrondissement of Paris. The apartment has everything you love in French apartments; herringbone floors, original stucco and French balconies but on top of that the apartment is decorated in this amazing mixture of styles, where colours and patterns are easily combined resulting in a very fun, colourful and family friendly home. My inner child is extremely jealous of the kids bedrooms in this French home, so spacious and fun! I don’t think it’s possible to be moody in this fun eclectic Paris apartment.

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19th-Century Gothenburg Home In Soft Grey And Green

After the eccentric home of yesterday, back to the traditional Scandinavian style with soft and neutral colours in this 19th-century Gothenburg home. I love the calm atmosphere that you find in the entire home thanks to the minimal use of colour. The grey and green paint in the living room and kitchen are only combined with black and wooden furniture and the small bedroom kept its white walls but because of the dark wooden floor it feels warm. I absolutely love how Scandinavians style their homes in these minimal colours but still make them look interesting and stylish.

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Eccentric Stockholm Home Of A Fashion Designer

gravityhomeblog 1

This book- and art-filled apartment in Stockholm belongs to fashion designer Natalia Altewai and photographer Marcus Ohlsson. With the help of an architect did they change the positions of all the rooms making the home of only 69 square meters appear much more spacious. The apartment is filled with items that they find while being on the road for their work, resulting in that every item in their home has a story, which makes it a very personal home. I love that this home is designed with a careful eye for detail, just look at the kitchen cabinets which are inspired by the graphic work of Sol LeWitt. I love the combination of elegance, thanks to the beautiful materials that were used, and playfullness thanks to the use of colour and the artwork in this Stockholm home.

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