A Colourful Kitchen in deVOL’s New Showroom in London

Gravity Home: Colourful Kitchen by deVOL

British design company deVOL has created a new showroom on St. John’s Square in London. deVOL bought the run down building in the hope of restoring it to its former glory. Helen, creative director of deVOL, was inspired by the history and architectural details of the house. She wanted to be a bit more daring so they used more colour than their usual kitchens. By mixing the Classic English kitchen with new colours they designed an eccentric and fun kitchen with a historic feel. At the moment only this showroom is open for customers, but in time they will open up the entire townhouse for visitors. If they decorate that just as wonderfully as this then I can’t wait to see the pictures.

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A Beautiful Plant-Filled Studio Apartment

Gravity Home: Plant-Filled Studio Apartment

There are so many things that I love in this apartment. First of all it’s a studio (yay) plus it it has a gorgeous wooden floor ánd it is filled with plants. They’re even growing out of the stunning Swedish fireplace! It’s certainly styled Scandinavian but I think it also has a nice boho vibe to it. I love it!

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A Cozy Grey Scandinavian Studio Apartment

Gravity Home: Grey Studio Apartment

Yes.. I love a good studio apartment. This studio in Stockholm came on the market today and it’s completely decorated in grey tones. I love the dividing wall to create a seperate sleeping space. And with the windows in the dividing wall it doesn’t become a dark corner. I can easily see myself living in this beauty.

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A Bright Scandinavian Home With Cozy Attic

Gravity Home: Bright Scandinavian Home

After the colour explosion in monday’s blog post, today I’ll show you the complete opposite. In no other country can they make a home so lovely and bright as in Sweden. This home in Gothenburg is in typical Scandinavian style. A monochrome colour palette combined with wooden elements, the perfect amount of furniture and keeping it as bright as possible. I especially love the attic with a cozy sitting space and attic bedroom. Scandinavian can do no wrong in my eyes!

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A Colour Explosion In A Small London Flat

Gravity Home: A Small Colourful London Flat

That you should only use light colours in small homes is definitely a myth and Duncan Campbell & Luke Edward Hall prove exactly that in their small London flat. The apartment in situated in a Victorian building and only has a small living/kitchen space, a bedroom and a bathroom. The living space is painted in a stunning emeral green and it’s packed with books, art and mementos.  The bedroom is painted in a soft blue colour, but they’re thinking of painting it dark sea green which I think will look amazing. The bathroom rocks a Art & Crafts Voysey floral and fauna print and also here they put in some green by using green subway tiles. I absolutely love this home. The combination of colour, classic furniture and a touch of fun is absolutely spot on!

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Light And Dark In A Spanish Mountain Home

Gravity Home: Mountain Home in Spain

This granite stone house in the mountains in Spain was completely derelict when architect Jesus Colao of Schneider Colao started designing. The original plan was to transform this 1950s home into a white box. In the end Jesus worked with light and dark so perfectly it almost looks like a Vermeer painting. The chestnut panelling give the home a typical mountain ‘chalet-style’. The modern skylights and white floor truly enlightens the home, bringing the perfect balance between light and dark. To finish it off, they decided to decorate the home with 1950s furniture in popping colours. But only the essential furniture was allowed in the home it only had to answer a very simple question: Do you need it?

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Monochrome Apartment in Helsinki by Laura Seppänen

Gravity Home: Monochrome Helsinki Apartment by Laura Seppänen

Laura Seppänen designed this monochrome and minimalistic apartment in Helsinki for pop musical composer/producer Hank Solo. The goal was to create a luxurious and industrial New York-style hotel room. I love how she switched up the minimalistic style with great eye-catchers such as the exposed brick, the wall finish in the bedroom and a piano that has been transformed by graffiti artist Otto Maja. These details give the apartment just the right edge and makes it not look boring. A beautiful minimalistic but cozy & cool apartment in Helsinki.

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A Cool Industrial Garage Conversion in Amsterdam

Gravity Home: A Cool Garage Conversion in Amsterdam

Not a great day for me, my phone broke down so no Instagram updates for a while. Luckily my computer still works *touch wood* so I can still show you great interiors. Remember the amazing garage conversion in Amsterdam that I showed you a while back? Well I’ve got a new cool garage conversion for you. This one is also located in Amsterdam and has the same industrial features. There are lots of raw elements, vintage items and split levels which makes this home so unique and fun. I can only imagine extremely cool people living here.

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Studio Apartment With A Scandi Boho Vibe

Gravity Home: Scandi Boho Studio Apartment

It’s no secret that I love studio apartments. I love the cozy feeling and it’s nice to see what people can create in a small space. This studio apartment is a wonderful combination of Scandinavian design with bohemian touches. Not extreme ‘in your face’ colorful bohemian, but very subtle with plants, fabrics and earth colours. When a studio apartment is decorated like this then living small doesn’t look so bad does it?

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