A Dutch Home Decorated with Green-Tones and Vintage Items

Gravity Home: A Green & Vintage Dutch Home

The owner of this home in The Netherlands has always had a love for green colours. So when she saw a home in only green tones a couple of years ago she knew that her new home was going to be very green! And indeed green is everywhere, from different shades on the walls, to green painted furniture and green William Morris wallpaper. I must say that I love all these green tones togerther. And the vintage furniture make this house a cool family home that can be lived in (without fearing you damage anything).

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Magical Moments in the H&M Home Christmas Collection 2017

Gravity Home: H&M Home Christmas Collection 2017

I can’t believe it’s already that time of the year where we have to start thinking about Christmas decorations. Did this year go fast or what? The H&M Home Christmas Collection 2017 is absolutely magical. The collection consist of typical Christmas colours, so lots of red, green and gold. Whether you want a Chistmas in green with lots of plants, a classic red holiday or a more calmer white & gold for every Christmas lover there are perfect decorations.

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A Scandinavian Home in Grey Tones + Blog Ramblings

Gravity Home: Scandinavian Home

I know I’m not a very personal blogger. But today I’m finding the need to say a bit more than just a little text about the home I’m posting. The truth is that I’m having doubts. Doubts about this blog, the direction in which I want to go and if an interior blog is even what I want at all. I have this blog for almost 2 years now and I’ve been on Tumblr years longer. And in all honesty sometimes I think just f*ck it all! When I can’t find good inspiration, when it feels like I’m constantly repeating myself or when I’m getting hateful messages. Running a blog like this is a lot of work and sometimes I just get tired even thinking about it. I’m going to think about my blogging future in the upcoming weeks/months and hopefully I can get a clear view of what I want. But don’t worry until I make a decision I will keep posting beautiful homes 🙂 See below for a lovely home tour.

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A Calm Grey Apartment in Sweden

Gravity Home: A Calm Grey Apartment in Sweden

Grey, white and wood. To me those are the perfect ingredients for a calm home. I love the look of this apartment, I always like a grey & white colourscheme and the wooden floor and few wooden design pieces give the spaces some extra warmth. A nice home to start the weekend with. Have a nice one!

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A Charming Scandinavian Apartment

Gravity Home: Charming Scandinavian Apartment

The stream of beautiful Scandinavian homes just doesn’t stop! This 1920s apartment in Gothenburg is again styled to perfection. With traditionally Scandinavian light colors, historic elements, cozy textures and wonderful William Morris wallpaper this family home is cozy and just simply stunning. What a dream to call a house like this your home.

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A Unique Boutique-Style Home in London

Gravity Home: Boutique-Style Home in London

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a house quite like this one. This London home is designed by Sue Miller of Mad Cow Interiors with the idea of creating a boutique-style holiday retreat. With lots of dark colours, wonderful textures and amazing wallpaper the home definitely has a boutique feel. I really like the look of this home, it’s so unique and cozy and it just puts a smile to my face.

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A Cozy Mountain Home in Norway

Gravity Home: Mountain Home in Norway

With winter on its way, it might be a good time to show a beautiful winter home. This mountain home in Norway – created by Slettvoll overlooks the Norefjell and it’s exactly what you want in a winter home. Filled with cozy textures, exposed beams and fireplaces it’s the perfect spot to warm up during the cold months. Really I’m not sure if I would even leave this home at all. Make a cup of tea, put on some Bon Iver and enjoy the stunning landscape from your warm home!

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A Colourful Plant-Filled Apartment in London

Gravity Home: Colourful Plant-Filled Apartment in London

Colour, plants and plenty of natural wooden elements. Sounds like a perfect combination right? Well, this London apartment has all of that. With a green living room, a pink study and a blue bedroom this apartment definitely doesn’t lack in colour. Only the kitchen and bathroom have stayed in white tones. I love how they stripped back the door and window frames to their natural wood tones, together with the plants this gives a nice natural element to the home. I could move into this apartment easily, and you can too because it’s for sale!

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Stunning New York Townhouse of Jonathan Safran Foer

Gravity Home: New York Townhouse of Jonathan Safran Foer

Writer Jonathan Safran Foer has listed his beautiful Boerum Hill townhouse. The townhouse was severely neglected by the previous owner but Jonathan has created an amazing light and spacious home. The 8(!!) bedroom home is spread out over 6 floors and is filled with timeless design. I love the book-filled living space which of course is not very strange for a writer’s home. If you’ve fallen in love you do need a lot of cash, because the house is for sale for $8.65 million.

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