Paris Apartment With Original Details

In the center of Paris two architects, Charlotte and Hugo, created a wonderful light apartment. The apartment, in Hausmannian style, is only 90 square meters, but because of the minimalistic decor it feels much bigger. They fell in love with the ceilings of 3 meter (who wouldn’t!) and they kept the original parquet floor, woodwork and stucco. The home is filled with vintage finds, from floormats taken from an old school to vintage classics like a Harry Bertoia chair and a Butterfly stool by Sori Yanagi. Not only does the apartment serve as a home, it’s also their workspace for their architectural firm. It certainly is an extremely inspiring place to work from.

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Chalet With Spectacular View Of The Swiss Alps

I want to go to Switzerland. And not just any place in Switzerland but this place. Studio Ilse designed this Swiss chalet with views of the Alps. The family home has a warm and cozy feeling thanks to the use of natural materials, layers of textile and comfortable furniture. The entire home is filled with earthly colours but they used a nice pop of colour in the kitchen by using blue cabinets. Just imagine that you sit there by the fireside looking at those spectacular mountains. I’m in love.

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New IKEA Collections You Will Absolutely Love

I don’t think I know one person who doesn’t love IKEA. Alright.. my grandparents have never visited IKEA, they don’t understand why anyone would want to assemble their furniture in cardboard boxes in a warehouse. But besides from my lovely grandparents, I don’t know anyone. I’ll admit going to IKEA on a saturday afternoon is not very fun and last year, when I was moving, I HAD to go to IKEA on Whit Monday and I swore to myself that I will never do that again. But aside from that, I love it. And each year they come with great new products designed by wonderful designers (think only of British designer Ilse Crawford and her amazing Sinnerlig collection). Also this year we’re going to see some great new collections in our favourite Swedish store.

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Stockholm Home with Dark Blue Walls

Scandinavian homes are well known for their white walls & floor combination. Scandinavian winters are long and the sun sets very early in those months, so to counteract that darkness they decorate their homes bright & white. While I love the brightness of these homes, personally I like to paint the walls a darker colour (my own kitchen wall is a dark grey/blue). This home in the Swedish capital Stockholm has dark blue paint on every wall, with the exception of the wonderful small (but bright!) kitchen. This combined with the wooden floor and the rugs in the living room and hallway give the home a warm comfortable feeling. I’m definitely finding some inspiration for my own home here.

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8 Gorgeous Interiors in Film & TV

Film and TV are a great source for entertainment. We’ve all had that moment that you just can’t stop watching, you can get hooked because you want to know how the drama ends or because it’s just too funny and you want to see more. I can also get hooked on a show or a film because the interiors are so gorgeous (yes I’ve really watched movies that I thought were ‘bleh’ but ‘oh look at that bedroom!’) Here are 8 gorgeous interiors in film or tv.

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Style Your Home With Rose Quartz & Serenity

Each year Pantone chooses a colour of the year. If you have been reading interior blogs lately you will have noticed that this year Pantone didn’t chose one colour, but two. This year you can expect to see a lot of Rose Quartz & Serenity.


While I loved last years colour Marsala, I do love the idea of adding some soft colours into my interior. I’ve made this post to give you some inspiration on how to add these colours into your interior.

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