Monochrome New York Home Of Pia Ulin

In a former industrial building that has been turned into apartments lies the monochromic home of photographer Pia Ulin. The apartment of 100 square meter in Brooklyn is a home, studio and office all in one. The place is cleverly divided by walls that do not touch the black ceiling, which gives a feeling of space. The apartment is decorated in colours from grey to black with the occasional touch of red in the rug and the seating of the bench in the office space. Despite the dark colours, the home feels not dark thanks to the gorgeous large windows that flood the apartment with natural light. That Pia loves photography is obvious in this apartment, it is filled with great photographic art in every room of the house. I absolutely love this monochromic New York home and I’m definitely getting some bedroom inspiration from that dark bedroom with the picture ledge behind the bed.

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Table For Two: Small Kitchen Ideas That Inspire

We would all love to have a large kitchen that fits a big dining table, but unfortunately not every kitchen is that big. But just because you have a small kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t have a kitchen table where you can have a proper diner. There are many different ways to add a nice dining space in your small kitchen:

  • Save space by getting rid of chairs and instead put in a bench against the wall
  • Put a drop-leaf or folding table in your kitchen to save space when you’re not eating
  • Use stools instead of chairs (chairs can look quite bulky and take more space)
  • Be creative by putting a table in an unconventional spot like adding a piece to your kitchen counter or putting a shelf table in front of a window
  • Are you also low on counter space? Perhaps you can put in a kitchen island, that way you have more counter space ánd a place to eat

There is an option for every type of kitchen and whatever your style is, just take a good look at your kitchen and find something that suits your small kitchen. Get inspired by these images of small kitchens and think outside the box.

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Former Farm in The Netherlands

The owners of this former farm in The Netherlands couldn’t get their home quite the way they wanted, until they asked their daughter who transformed their farm into a beautiful home that according to the owners ‘feels like staying in a hotel’. They painted the entire home white, including the original wooden beams, which makes the home very light and to add some colour they painted the wall in the kitchen a lovely blue. The home is decorated with unique vintage items that the owner loves to collect which fits perfectly with the old feel of the former farm.

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Future Past – Creating A New Version Of The Old

I love these moody, warm tones as seen here in images from Dulux. It says on the website that ‘Future Past takes its cues from steampunk merging with modern design – creating a new version of the old. Deep and decadent traditional hues are made modern with the addition of mustard, pink and purple’. Everytime I see images like these with such dark walls, I regret not making my own walls darker, it creates such a warm home. You can also see that in these images by Dulux that I’ve posted on my blog earlier.

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Tiny Studio Apartment With Big Style

Yesterday we visited the home of blogger Johanna Bradford that had come up for sale in Göteborg. Today we take a look inside the tiny studio apartment of blogger and interior stylist Josefin Hååg that has been put up for sale through real estate agency Fantastic Frank in Stockholm. Even though the studio apartment is only 20 square meter it has everything you need in an apartment, the tiny home has a sleeping area with a double bed (and a wonderful gallery wall), a dining table, a sitting space and a tiny kitchen. She has kept her studio simple, only using white, grey and black and because of the large window the studio feels very light and even spacious. This tiny studio apartment is the absolute proof that bigger isn’t always better!

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